Outstanding Finca with Orchards in Lecrín Valley, Granada

The property, "Glen of Aloes", is located at the southern foot of Sierra Nevada at 30 km. by highway from the Costa Tropical and 35 km from the city of Granada. It is located within the municipality of Lecrín and 180 m from the village of Melegís.

The site has great historical importance because it corresponds to the territory granted by the Catholic Monarchs to the last king of Granada, Boabdil in 1492, once conquered the Moorish kingdom. He remained there until his departure to Morocco where he was to rest injured in the capture of Malaga. It is called the Valley of Lecrin, which means "Happy Valley" or "Valley of Joy".

Climate: It has a privileged microclimate for its location, because the winters are milder than in the capital, have the advantage of maintaining similar to the coast in summer temperature, although drier, so the humidity is very low. Temperature rarely reaches zero degrees Celsius in winter nights and hardly over 35 in the hottest summer days, with fresh and pleasant nights. As a result, conditions are ideal for growing lemon, avocado and various tropical fruits.

Vegetation. The Lecrín Valley has a large vegetation of oranges, lemons, avocados and olive trees mixed together, which gives a very joyful and colorful setting. Hence its Arabic name Lecrín.

Water is abundant, from springs and streams. Close to the estate there are two large reservoirs that are used to irrigate farms in the tropical coast (reservoirs Beznar and Guadalfeo).

The farm is located on a hill, so it has unobstructed views of the entire valley.

Area: The property, with a perimeter fence, spans 10,000 m2 and has a traditional-style Andalusian farmhouse with 250 m2 of habitable housing of recent construction. In the vicinity of the house there are four terraces with a total of 80 m2 and approximately 750 m2 of terraces floored.

The farm has its own water and potable water supplied by the city of Lecrin. There is a 150,000 litre cistern irrigation system. It also has a swimming pool with water purification system.

15 lemon
250 winter and summer orange fruit from December to July high quality. (latel navel).
70 olive trees, real gems of nature.
66 different fruit varieties.
The house has four bedrooms, kitchen, 3 bathrooms, two toilets, two large living rooms with fireplaces, storage laundry room, garage and woodshed pergola parking for four cars. Highest quality fixtures and fittings throughout house.

Price: €750,000 (£536,000)

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