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We offer a comprehensive property conveyance service which includes everything from advertising and marketing properties and arranging viewings, to handling all the paperwork and transferring the escritura (deeds). There are no in-advance charges involved, but we do require sellers to sign a standard contract accepting our rates and conditions and authorising us to conduct the sale on their behalf. Upon the successful sale of the property, we charge a sliding scale commission rate based on the final sale price of the property (click here to see our rates). This commission, which ranges between 3% - 5%, is charged to the seller.
If you would like us to act as your sales agent, email us in the first instance with the details of your property, and we will get back in touch with you within 48 hours (Mon-Sat). Or tel: (34) 626518362.

Advertising & Promotion
If you have already signed an exclusive contract with an agent, or you would prefer to handle the sale of your property yourself, we can offer you a unique, low cost advertising package. Click here for details.

Over 90% of Google searches for property in Granada and the south of Spain list on the first results page!

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